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Geography: Washington

TBED People

Holli Baumunk, vice president of the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation, has been named president and CEO of the Colorado BioScience Association.

Washington Technology Center Unveils Best Practices in SSTI Interview

The Research & Technology Development (RTD) Program, a flagship program of the Washington Technology Center has helped fill a critical role in enhancing Washington state's efforts in commercializing research by bringing companies and university researchers together. In SSTI's exclusive interview, Chris Coleman shares valuable insight on how the program continues to produce impressive returns after nearly two decades. Download the interview ...

SSTI Excellence in TBED Awards

Click here to listen to SSTI's Interview with Chris Coleman of the Washington Technology Center
SSTI has an effective new learning tool for TBED policymakers and practitioners seeking guidance in approaches to building and sustaining tech-based economies. Through exclusive interviews with Excellence in TBED Award recipients, find out first-hand how these award-winning initiatives successfully responded to a critical need by applying innovative approaches to generate substantial economic gains for their region.

TBED People

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell dropped his previous nomination, Robert Sledd, as his secretary for Commerce and Trade and instead nominated businessman James Cheng. Cheng, whose nomination needs to be confirmed by the Democratic-controlled Senate, was sworn in on January 17.

Tech Talkin' Govs, Part I

Entering its tenth year covering governors’ State of the State, Budget and Inaugural Addresses, SSTI’s Tech Talkin’ Govs series highlights new and expanded TBED proposals from across the nation. The first edition includes excerpts from speeches delivered in the following states:

TBED People and Organizations

The newly-created Clean Energy Leadership Council, convened by the Washington governor's office and a state-wide public-private clean energy alliance, held its first meeting. The council will deliver a clean energy strategy and recommendations by December 1, 2010.

Western States Scale Back on 2010 TBED Investments

Lawmakers across several western states have reached budget agreements for the upcoming fiscal year or biennium allocating decreased or level funding for tech-based economic development efforts. Lawmakers also passed new legislation supporting job-creation efforts and investments in alternative energy. While funding for many of these programs appear secure in FY10, additional spending cuts are anticipated in the coming months if state revenues continue to decline.

Breaking into the Market: End of the Green Pipeline

One of the biggest challenges for green technologies and products is breaking into the market. Achieving the critical mass that allows production volume to drive down prices is difficult, particularly when the commodity being sold is, at least initially, more expensive to make because more of the actual cost of production is captured in the green company's business model.

TBED People and Organizations

Lonnie Emard has been named interim director of the Consortium for Enterprise Systems Management, a recently formed collaboration of business, academic and economic development organizations intended to build information technology (IT) opportunities in South Carolina.



Governor's Budget Continues Washington's Efforts in STEM Education

Many of Washington's programs aimed at enhancing the skills of educators in science, technology, education, and mathematics (STEM) fields will continue to receive state support in the coming biennium under Gov. Christine Gregoire's budget proposal - while other TBED initiatives did not fare as well.

People & TBED Organizations

Steve Bazinet has been hired as executive director of the Maine Center for Enterprise Development.