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Below is a guide to the information available through SSTI's Keyword Search and Advanced Search pages.

Delivered each week by e-mail, the SSTI Weekly Digest reports the week's biggest stories for the technology-based economic development (TBED) community (click here for more information about the SSTI Weekly Digest). The most recent issue of the Digest is available here. Past articles are available via the search page. Members may sign in to access the complete Digest archives (coming soon). Other users may use the search page to view articles from the past two weeks.

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Reports & Research
SSTI maintains a database of reports and research on topics related to TBED. This database was formerly hosted at SSTI's TBED Resource Center. These archives are accessible via the search page.

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Organizations & Initiatives
SSTI has created a national database of TBED organizations and initiatives, including more than 2,000 organizations that offer assistance to high-tech entrepreneurs. In order to be eligible for inclusion, an organization must receive public support, or be classified as a nonprofit, and offer direct assistance to technology companies and professionals. The database provides contact information, web addresses, and a brief description of the organization. Entries includes links to information about relevant sub-organizations and programs.

This work/research was funded by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and SSTI members. The contents of this publication are solely the responsibility of the Grantee.

If you would like to suggest an organization or initiative for inclusion, click here.

Organizations are classified by category, which identifies what sort of entity that are. Both organizations and initiatives are indexed by the types of services they provide. The advanced search page allows you to search by category and/or service type. A full glossary of category and definitions is available here. Click on any of the terms below to view its definition.

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State Economic Development Organization
State TBED Organization
Division of State TBED Organization
Entrepreneurial/Venture Development Office
Tech Association
Capital Provider
Research Park
Research Center
Tech Transfer Organization
University-Based TBED Organization
Manufacturing Service Organization
Non Econ. Dev. State Agencies
Web-Based Organization
Workforce Development Office


Direct Funding
Assistance to Access Funding
SBIR Assistance
Workforce Training and Fulfillment
Entrepreneurial Development
Networking Opportunities
Connecting to Other Programs
House/Co-locate Tech Companies
Laboratories/Facilities Access
Access to Intellectual Property
Business/Technical/Scientific Knowledge Access
Workshops, Seminars & Other Ed. Opps
Building Venture Capital Community
Business Plan Competition
Tax Credit