13 Receive National Medal of Science and National Medal of Technology

June 14, 1996

Thirteen individuals have been named recipients of the National Medal of Science and the National Medal of Technology--America's version of the Nobel Prize. Among those honored was a director of one of New Jersey's Advanced Technology Centers.

The National Medal of Science, administered by NSF, honors individuals for contributions to the present state of knowledge in: physical, biological, mathematical, engineering or social and behavioral sciences. The National Medal of Technology, administered by the U.S. Department of Commerce honors individuals and companies for technological innovation and advancement of U.S. global competitiveness.

Recipients of the National Medal of Science are:

  • Wallace Broecker Columbia University
  • Norman Davidson California Institute of Technology
  • James Flanagan Rutgers University and director of the Center for Computer Aids for Industrial Productivity, a New Jersey Advanced Technology Center
  • Richard Karp University of Washington
  • C. Kumar N. Patel University of California- Los Angeles
  • Ruth Patrick Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia
  • Paul Samuelson Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Stephen Smale University of California- Berkeley

Recipients of the National Medal of Technology are:

  • Charles Kaman Kaman Corp. (CT)
  • Stephanie Louise Kwolek DuPont Co. (DE)
  • James Morgan Applied Materials, Inc. (CA)
  • Peter Rose Krytek Corp. (MA)
  • Johnson & Johnson (NJ)

The medalists will be honored at a White House ceremony later this summer.