$24M grant to spur Ohio, New York communities

August 03, 2017

In an effort designed to stimulate economic growth and workforce development in Ohio and New York communities, KeyBank Foundation announced a $24 million grant awarded to JumpStart, Inc. The grant represents the foundation’s single largest philanthropic commitment to date. Ray Leach, CEO of JumpStart said in a prepared statement that the grant “will dramatically increase the impact of entrepreneurs and small businesses on neighborhoods and communities." Leach went on to say that the grant will provide capital for more startup and scaling companies, and will increase the participation of minorities and women in the growth of those companies.

The "KeyBank Business Boost & Build Program, powered by JumpStart" is based on a five-pillar initiative that includes accelerating the growth of small businesses and micro-enterprises, the majority of which are to women or minority owned, as well as providing support for the tech economy through workforce training as well as technical assistance.

More information on the grant is available here.