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June 19, 1998

The U.S. Air Force has announced that its Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Program topics for FY99 will be released in mid-June. The Air Force is pre-releasing its topics before the Department of Defense's Pre-Solicitation in order to provide small businesses the maximum amount of time to ask technical questions. This early release offers the additional benefit of giving companies enough time to start marketing and networking.

According to the topic authors, technical points of contact, and SBIR awardees, marketing research is extremely important to the success of a proposal. These early marketing discussions have often proven invaluable in preparing the SBIR proposals. Small businesses have also often learned of other types of solicitations against which they can propose.

Questions may be addressed to the sponsoring activity through November 30, 1998. As of December 1, no additional technical information can or will be made available by Air Force personnel during the DOD program solicitation period.

The Air Force solicitation topics will be released on the Web at www.afmc.wpafb.af.mil/tto/sbir/afpresol.htm.

A copy of the SBIR topics may also be obtained by contacting AFRL at 937/656-9066.