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China gaining on US lead in S&T

January 25, 2018

The latest Science and Engineering Indicators from NSF’s National Science Board shows the U.S. share of S&T activities declining as other nations like China continue to rise. The report presents a wealth of data on how science and engineering R&D are tied to economic and workforce development, including indicators in education; workforce; R&D; industry, technology and the global marketplace; invention, knowledge transfer, and innovation; and public attitudes and understanding. The report includes an interactive data tool presenting U.S. state-specific trends in S&E.

While the U.S. still leads on many measures, its lead is decreasing, which Maria Zuber, NSB chair and vice president for research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said is concerning. “That trend raises concerns about impacts on our economy and workforce, and has implications for our national security. From gene editing to artificial intelligence, scientific advancements come with inherent risks. And it’s critical that we stay at the forefront of science to mitigate those risks,” Zuber said in a press release accompanying the report.

In addition to the full report, NSF breaks out a host of information including an overview of the global context for the U.S. science and engineering enterprise. That data and more can be found here.

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