DOE report highlights importance of 40 years of research support

June 21, 2018

A new report from the Department of Energy (DOE) highlights examples of major scientific accomplishments emerging from 40 years of Basic Energy Sciences (BES) research support, including how these discoveries have helped fulfill DOE’s mission and have led to new technologies and industries that contribute to American innovation and prosperity. By examining past successes, “A Remarkable Return on Investment in Fundamental Research,” seeks to illuminate guiding strategies and approaches that will be critical to ensuring future U.S. leadership.

Although the report is not intended to be comprehensive, it provides key examples of major technological, commercial, and national security impacts directly traceable to BES-supported basic science. As it looks forward to the next 40 years of research and the challenges from global competition, the report recommends that BES be bold in choosing new research and facilities to support and experimenting with new funding mechanisms where appropriate.

dept of energy, r&d