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DOL Announces Funding for Industry-Specific Sectors of Excellence in Apprenticeship

July 07, 2016

The Employment Training Administration (ETA) released solicitations for a total of 12 ApprenticeshipUSA Single Industry Intermediary Contracts and ApprenticeshipUSA Multiple Industry Intermediary Contracts to become national ApprenticeshipUSA partners and have a leading role in the Sectors of Excellence in Apprenticeship (SEAs) in several key industries. Through these grants, ETA will commit up to $7.5 million to start or scale national apprenticeship programs that meet the occupational and skill needs of their industries. The department will award both single and multi-industry contracts to national organizations – such as industry associations, joint labor management organizations, workforce groups, educational institutions, and consortia of organizations – that will provide financial and technical assistance to employers pursuing apprenticeship training.

The single-industry contracts will support the growth of apprenticeship programs in the healthcare, construction, transportation and logistics, energy, manufacturing, and information and communications technology sectors. The department will also award up to four multi-industry contracts to organizations to help employers from different sectors grow their apprenticeship programs and work together to create a pipeline of skilled workers.

Program eligibility is restricted to institutions of higher education and nonprofit organizations. Applications must be received by 2 p.m. EDT, July 28.  

dept of labor, workforce