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Engaging Peers and Being a Part of the TBED Community

October 07, 2009

One of the best takeaways from the SSTI Annual Conference is the personal contacts one can make over the course of the event. Whether it’s chatting with a peer who has led successful economic development initiatives, breaking bread with fund managers at our scheduled Dine-A-Rounds, exchanging contact information with our conference speakers, or playing tennis with a myriad of people in the Wii Room, the upcoming conference will provide plenty of opportunities to make friends and meet other leaders who share your background and hopes for the future.

The SSTI Annual Conference is the tech-based economic development community’s premier event of the year because it brings together hundreds of the practitioners interested in tech-based economic development in one location.

Practitioners just like you.

Time and time again, attendees tell us the relationships they start and build at the SSTI Annual Conference are unique and extremely valuable. We design our event to maximize the opportunities for professional camaraderie and to reconnect with peers you have met in the past. Because of this, for our participants the SSTI conference is more than just knowledge – it’s the opportunity to engage a community.

The conference provides the platform for you to share your ideas, gain insight from others, and even learn what steps to avoid in both your professional development and the advancement of your development initiatives.

Be a part of the TBED community! More information on the social aspects and networking opportunities of SSTI’s 13th Annual Conference is available at http://www.ssticonference.org/