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FY97 Federal Budget Signed

October 11, 1996

Bypassing the drawn out struggle over the federal budget that resulted in last year's shut downs of the federal government, the Congress and President reached agreement on the FY97 federal budget earlier this month. While federal cooperative technology programs at the National Science Foundation (NSF) received the full amount the President requested, programs at the Department of Commerce encountered significant challenges.

A preliminary analysis by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) of the FY97 appropiations show that total federal R&D for FY97 will increase to $74.0 billion, 4.1 percent more than FY96. Every major R&D funding agency except NASA and the Department of the Interior received increases.

Programs of particular interest to the states are shown below:

  FY 95 FY96 FY97








ATP 341 221 345 110.5 60.0 225 MEP 74 80 105 89.9 99.9 95 NII 42 21.5 59 21.49 4.08 21.49 STC 60 61.0 63 N/A N/A 63.0 ERC 51 52.26 52 N/A N/A 52.21 I/UCR 4 4.09 4 N/A N/A 4.2 SI/UCR 4 3.6 3 N/A N/A 3.35 MRS& 44 44.29 46 N/A N/A 46.29 ETI 68 10 72 0 10 10

All figures are in millions of dollars

ATP= Advanced Technology Program

MEP= Manufacturing Extension Partnership

NII= National Information Infrastructure

STC= Science and Technology Centers

ERC= Engineering Research Centers

I/UCRC= Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers

MRS&EC= Materials Research Science & Engineering Centers

ETI= Environmental Technology Initiative