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Great Lakes Angels Invested More Dollars Than CA Angels, Halo Report Finds

April 23, 2015

In 2014, Angel groups in the Great Lakes region invested more dollars than anywhere else in the country, 17.2 percent of the U.S. total, including angel groups in California (17 percent). This marks the first time a U.S. region other than California led in dollars invested by angel groups since the Halo Report has started to track angel investments.  Rob Wiltbank, an author of the report, indicated that the Great Lakes region’s activity was driven by several large investments made by angel groups. The Angel Resource Institute’s 2014 Annual Halo Report data is based on 870 deals totaling $1.65 billion in total rounds including co-investors.

Increase was the key word used in the 2014 Annual Halo Report. The authors found that 2014 was a busy year for Angel groups across the country:

  • Angel investment round sizes increased substantially in 2014, with a mean increase of 60 percent and a median increase of 40 percent;
  • Rounds also trended up when angel groups co-invest with non-angels;
  •  California remained the leader in share of angel deals by group at 19.8 percent of all angel deals in the United States;
  • Valuations also climbed again, median pre-money valuation increased to $3 million, up 20 percent from 2013 –the highest-ever top valuation recorded in the Halo Report;
  • Deal size was up across all sectors driven by healthcare, Internet, mobile, and telecom – those four sectors accounted for 68% of all deals made by angels; and,
  • Texas and New York each boasted two angel groups on the list of most active for 2014.

This acceleration in angel activity is the continuation of a general trend of increased valuations, deal sizes, and activity by angel groups since the start of 2011. The data presented in the report is collected via survey and aggregation of public data using innovative data analyses. Read the report on SlideShare…

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