Increased Regional Involvement Leads to Student Retention in Philadelphia, According to New Study

December 15, 2010

The Philadelphia region increased retention of non-native students (students who are not originally from Philadelphia but attended undergraduate or graduate school in region) by 165% from 2004 to 2010 due to an increase in regional involvement opportunities for students (e.g., volunteer opportunities, internships, off-campus work opportunities and local cultural/entertainment activities), according to a new survey by Campus Philly. The report also found a high correlation between a student having a summer internship and remaining in the region for a year or more (70% of respondents). In comparison, only 40% of students were retained if they interned outside of the region. The report, "From Student to Resident: Findings from Campus Philly's 2010 Student Retention Survey," utilizes data collected from 4,600 students (including undergraduate and graduate students) and recent alumni of Philadelphia colleges and universities. Read the report...