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Initial venture capital data: $330 billion invested, $128 billion raised

January 06, 2022

PitchBook and NVCA have published an initial look at the Venture Monitor Q4 2021, and the data already suggest an astounding level of activity in 2021. As of Dec. 31, PitchBook had identified $330 billion invested across more than 15,000 deals, substantial increases over the $167 billion invested across 12,000 deals in 2020. The increases were driven by venture capital stage investments (as opposed to seed and angel investments), which accounted for 80 percent of the additional deals. Firms raising new venture funds also did very well in 2021, with 730 funds raising $128 billion — up from $87 billion in 2020. These data are preliminary and will be updated when PitchBook and NVCA publish the formal Venture Monitor for 2021, which SSTI will then cover in detail (including by sharing state-level investment activity).

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