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Michigan to Reorganize Economic Development, Workforce Functions

March 19, 1999

Michigan Governor John Engler has signed an Executive Order reorganizing the state's economic development and workforce development functions. The reorganization, which was unveiled by the Governor in his State of the State address, permits the formation of a new Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) in partnership with local governments.

A 17-member Board will oversee the corporation, which is expected to be formed through an interlocal agreement between the state and one or more local economic development groups. The corporation will assume the economic development function from the Michigan Jobs Commission, which will cease to exist.

The new corporation will allow one organization to make economic development decisions, pending a merger with two existing organizations: the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center and Michigan Technologies, Inc.

Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center works with small and mid-sized companies to provide consulting services on the latest manufacturing processes. Michigan Technologies, Inc. was created last year to promote the growth and retention of technology-based jobs and develop criteria for future state technology investments.

The reorganization, which is effective April 5, also transfers workforce development functions currently performed by Michigan Jobs Commission to the state's newest department, the Department of Career Development, to increase the state's focus on career preparation and training.