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Missouri Passes Embryonic Stem Cell Amendment

November 13, 2006

Voters in Missouri approved, 51 percent to 49 percent, an amendment to the state constitution that will prohibit state or local governments from preventing embryonic stem cell research. The amendment also defines what type of research is permitted.


The vote comes after years of controversy in the state with frequent attempts by some state legislators to restrict the research in the state. The amendment is the first of its kind in the nation to remove the issue from the legislature and put it directly to the voters.


The amendment will accomplish the following, according to the fair ballot language on the website of the Missouri Secretary of State:

  • ensure Missouri patients have access to any therapies and cures, and allow Missouri researchers to conduct any research, permitted under federal law;
  • ban human cloning or attempted cloning;
  • require expert medical and public oversight and annual reports on the nature and purpose of any stem cell research;
  • impose criminal and civil penalties for any violations; and,
  • prohibit state or local governments from preventing or discouraging lawful research, therapies and cures.