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MoU hopes to accelerate battery manufacturing in the US

May 11, 2023

An MOU between the Korean Institute for Advancement of Technology, the Korean Battery Industry Association, the Korean Electronics Technology Institute, and the NAATBatt Association, aims to bring Korean battery manufacturers to the U.S. NAATBatt, created in 2008 as an R&D consortium of companies to promote the manufacture of lithium-ion and other advanced batteries in the U.S., focuses on connecting foreign battery industry associations and supporting their members in establishing business relationships. 

“Working together, through joint ventures, partnerships, and business relations between our members, is the only way we can achieve rapid speed to benefit,” said QAD’s Head of EV and Mobility Andreas Bareid, who serves as a co-chairman of the NAATBatt Onshoring Committee. “To further ensure the adoption of EV, it is critical for onshoring companies to establish production and produce the yield envisaged and required by the Inflation Reduction Act….” 

international, clean energy, manufacturing