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MTA Launches Tech Network for Post-Katrina Mississippi

September 26, 2005

Information, telecommunications and electricity provide the basic building blocks for all tech-based economic development - regardless of industry sector, research field or location. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the technology infrastructure for many of the state's emerging tech-firms has been dismantled. How do you restore efforts to build a tech-based economy when the fundamentals are destroyed overnight?

Mississippi Technology Alliance (MTA), the leading tech-based economic development organization for the state, quickly responded to the Hurricane's wrath by launching a TechFix Mississippi Program to help small Mississippi companies rebuild.

“Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the thousands of people devastated by this storm. We realize rebuilding our economy will be a costly and lengthy process. MTA is organizing a network of technical support providers to help storm-stricken small companies get the technology resources they need in order to resume operations as quickly and affordably as possible,” said MTA President & CEO, Andy Taggart. “These companies are offering their services at-cost.”

Services available through the growing network, already including 18 businesses, include:

  •  Website and Email Hosting
  •  Website, Email and Data Recovery
  •  Spam Filtering and Virus Protection
  •  Website and Graphic Design
  •  Environmental Testing
  •  Remote Access Solutions
  •  Software Applications
  •  Equipment Orders
  •  System Hardware
  •  Network Support and Reconstruction
  •  Systems Management
  •  IP Telephony
  •  Office Space
  •  Database Administration
  •  Internet Marketing
  •  Programmers and Project Directors
  •  Wireless Internet
  •  Video Surveillance and Monitoring

Businesses that need assistance can contact the Mississippi Technology Alliance at 1-888-TECH MTA (1-888-832-4682) or visit the MTA website at www.techmta.com for additional information.

Technology service companies who wish to offer at-cost assistance to small companies affected by Hurricane Katrina can call MTA at the same number to join the TechFix Mississippi Program network. SSTI encourages the Digest readership to help make as many businesses as possible to be aware of this opportunity to assist in rebuilding the Gulf Coast tech community.

For more information, visit www.technologyalliance.ms.