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New England Clean Energy Foundation Announced New Clean Tech Initiative

October 05, 2011

The New England Clean Energy Foundation (NECEF), in partnership with the Connecticut Clean Energy Finance & Investment Authority, announced a new initiative to spur innovation and research in clean technology across New England. According to the Boston Business Journal, The New England i6 Green Program leverages a $1.25 million i6 Challenge award from the U.S. Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration and an additional $1.65 million raised by over 40 partner organizations (e.g., state agencies and nonprofit organizations) to fund a consortium aimed at addressing the region's gaps in the current clean energy innovation ecosystem through a combination of capacity- and network-building. NECEF's i6 program initially will be tasked with two responsibilities:

  • The creation of an online tool to facilitate the exchange of ideas among the region's clean tech stakeholders; and,
  • The establishment of a network to provide funding and services to assist in the commercialization of promising clean tech innovations.

Read more about the New England i6 green program at NECEF's website...

energy, cleantech, regionalism, commercialization