New I-Corps Node Selected by NSF

October 06, 2016

Cornell University has been selected to host a new Innovation Corps (I-Corps) node through a grant provided by the National Science Foundation (NSF). It, along with four other existing hubs, received new grants ranging between $3.4 million and $4.2 million to be awarded over a five-year period. The I-Corps nodes are designed to support research and innovation and teach entrepreneurship in higher education. The New York area node, with Cornell University as the lead institution and partners Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of Rochester, is intended to increase the success rate of technology startup teams forming in colleges and universities in the Northeast, including upstate NY. A network of business mentors for academic inventors will be established through the new node and the evaluation team will work to achieve economic development, education, and workforce development outcomes.

Other I-Corps nodes receiving new grant funding are the Bay Area node, D.C. area node, Midwest, and South nodes. The I-Corps nodes provide research infrastructure and training to help researchers transition fundamental science and engineering discoveries to the marketplace. There are a total of eight I-Corps nodes.

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