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NIST awards $1.2 million to develop technology roadmaps

April 07, 2022

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently awarded nearly $1.2 million to four institutions through its Advanced Manufacturing Technology Roadmap Program (MfgTech). Awards through this program will fund projects in industries and technologies such as microelectronics and biotechnology for up to 18 months to address national priorities for improving competitiveness and vaccine manufacturing capabilities. 

The Regents of the University of California in Los Angeles, the Semiconductor Research Corporation in Durham, North Carolina, and the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing in Disputanta, Virginia, each received $300,000 while Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, received $296,155. NIST reported the following projects are being funded:

  • The Regents of the University of California – Producing a roadmap for advancing the nation’s competitiveness and competency in microelectronic supply chains, especially in areas such as heterogenous integration and advanced packing technologies.
  • Semiconductor Research Corporation – Develop the nation’s position in semiconductor production by developing a roadmap that promotes advanced packing technologies and workforce development to support domestic supply chains.
  • Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing – Creating a roadmap to improve the nation’s manufacturing supply chain by identifying weaknesses in digital thread technology.
  • Purdue University – Further expand the capabilities of the Advanced Lyophilization Technology Hub by funding freeze-drying technology and applications for developing medicines and vaccines.

Mike Molnar, director of NIST’s Office of Advanced Manufacturing, said that MfgTech awards will help develop partnerships among key stakeholders in industries of national importance. This will include collaborations between stakeholders such as manufacturers, university researchers, and trade associations to properly assess the development and infrastructure that is necessary for building resilient supply chains within the country. NIST plans to grant more MfgTech awards in other industries at a later date.

More information on the recent NIST MfgTech awards can be found here.

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