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Partnering for Progress: Commerce deputy secretary outlines strategy for strengthening U.S. global tech leadership

February 09, 2023
By: Casey Nemecek

Deputy Secretary of Commerce Don Graves called on business leaders to “lean into” partnerships with the public sector to strengthen the United States’ position as a global tech leader during remarks at a recent Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) summit. In his speech, Graves emphasized the crucial role that innovation in business models, human capital, and talent management strategies, including diversity and inclusion, play in driving U.S. tech leadership domestically and abroad.

Graves shared a three-prong strategy for ensuring U.S. tech resilience and leadership. First, he emphasized the importance of strong place-based innovation ecosystems to support the country’s techno-industrial base and tech workforce, especially around computing-related technologies, clean energy technology, and biotech and biomanufacturing. Second, Graves spoke about the Biden administration’s efforts to protect the country’s tech advantage and national security from malicious actors. Lastly, he outlined plans to expand international alliances and establish shared rules and standards across common interests such as emerging technologies, trade, supply chains, infrastructure, climate action, and workforce development.

“The investments, actions, and engagements that I’ve outlined are all geared toward preserving U.S. tech leadership. But if we’ve learned anything in recent years, it’s this: our long-term competitiveness is about more than what government can do for business. It’s also about how U.S. businesses can lean forward,” said Deputy Secretary Graves.

These remarks coincide with the roll-out of funding opportunities through the CHIPS & Science Act, which was passed last year. More information about these opportunities and other programs included in this year’s federal budget was presented in a Tech-based Economic Development Community of Practice webinar hosted by SSTI in early February.

dept of commerce, policy, innovation