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Position Available

November 22, 1996

The Alliance for Manufacturing Excellence (AME), a non-profit start-up organization, seeks an Executive Director to build and operate a successful manufacturing services organization. The Executive Director will guide AME in its mission of assisting smaller manufacturers to adopt more advanced manufacturing technologies and management techniques.

AME's head office will be located in the greater Seattle area with field staff located in offices throughout the state. Field services begin in the spring of 1997. At full operational levels--anticipated in the third year of operations-- the Director will command a budget of approximately $6 million and a staff of 18 field engineers in addition to technical specialists and management and administrative staff.

Requirements include a master's degree/or equivalent and ten years or more of management experience in a manufacturing environment.

For application instructions and additional materials please contact: Alliance for Manufacturing Excellence, c/o CTED, Attention: Ariona, P.O. Box 48300, Olympia, WA 98504-8300, (360) 586-0873 or e-mail: Ariona@cted.wa.gov