SBA seeks leaders to serve on Council of Underserved Communities

July 01, 2021

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is soliciting nominations of qualified former and current small business owners, community leaders, officials from small business trade associations, and academic institutions to serve on the Council of Underserved Communities (CUC). The CUC is being restored to help support the SBA’s prioritization of equity across its programs and initiatives. SBA seeks candidates representing both urban and underserved communities.

The CUC was initially established in 2010 to focus on communities and populations that have traditionally faced barriers in accessing credit, capital other resources necessary to start and grow businesses. The CUC's mission is to collectively provide the SBA with input on how to improve and strengthen equity among women -, veteran-, and minority-owned businesses and/or businesses from low-to-moderate income or rural communities.

Nominations are being accepted on a rolling basis until July 20, 2021. More information on the nomination process is available through the SBA and the Federal Register.