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SSTI to Study How Tech Investments Can Benefit Distressed Areas

October 25, 1996

SSTI has entered into a cooperative agreement with the Economic Development Administration to examine how state investments in science and technology can support development in distressed areas. The project includes:

  • an inventory of recent science and technology planning initiatives in all 50 states,
  • an in-depth examination of science and technology planning and implementation,
  • a roundtable to develop recommendations on how to use science and technology resources to benefit distressed areas,
  • regional training for state and local economic development practitioners,
  • a final report on best practices in state s&t planning, and
  • a national workshop to provide direct technical assistance to state policymakers and practitioners.

The National Governors' Association and the Best Practices Committee of the Science and Technology Council of the States will participate in the project. The project is one of several being funded by EDA's research and technical assistance program. Additional projects funded by EDA and the prime contractors are:

  • Developing criteria to evaluate the impact of incubators funded by EDA and other sponsors (University of Michigan)
  • Developing a methodology that local, state, and federal agencies can adapt and replicate to analyze the impacts of public infrastructure investments (Rutgers University)
  • A study of EDA's management and implementation of disaster assistance after the Midwest Flood of 1993 (Aguirre International)
  • Analyzing the role of the federal government in cluster-based economic development, particularly defense adjustment (Information Design Associates)
  • Developing an annotated bibliography and library related to measurement of economic development performance (Nexus Associates)

For additional information, please call Marianne Clarke, SSTI Research Director, at 301/270-6245.