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July 03, 1998

The environmental technology and services industry, and its contribution to the national economy, have been evaluated in a new report entitled "Survey of Environmental Products and Services." The report is the product of a collaborative effort between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration, and the Department of Commerce's Bureau of the Census.

The survey is the first attempt to measure the extent of commercial environmental activity using a comprehensive list of products and services. The report found that the value of products, revenues for services, and receipts for construction projects related to environmental activities totalled approximately $102.8 billion in 1995.

Of the $102.8 billion, $55.7 billion were revenues for environmentally related services. Revenues for environmental construction projects were $17.0 billion, and the value of environmental product shipments was $14.4 billion. Another $15.7 billion in environmental activities could not be reported in separate categories.

The survey also found that some 774,000 employees were involved in manufacturing these products, providing these services, or constructing these projects. The survey collected data from 8,117 firms out of the 10,040 firms in the sample, for a response rate of 81 percent.

For the purpose of the survey, the environmental industry was defined as the manufacturer of products, performance of services, and the construction of projects used, or that potentially could be used for measuring, preventing, limiting, or correcting environmental damage to air, water, and soil. The industry also includes services related to the removal, transportation, storage, or abatement of waste, noise, and other contaminants.

The survey provides important information, facilitating a better understanding of the scope and composition of this industry. Further information or a complete copy of the report can be found at www.epa.gov/docs/oppe/eaed/eedhmpg.htm and then clicking on "resources", "report inventory", "title", the letter "S", and then scrolling alphabetically to the title of the study.