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Tech Talkin' Govs, Part III

January 21, 2009

The third installment of the Tech Talkin' Govs series includes highlights from state of the state, budget and inaugural addresses from governors in Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, and New Mexico.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty, State of the State Address, Jan. 15, 2009
"...We should also grow jobs by enacting a green jobs initiative. New opportunities in energy from wind, solar, biomass, biogas, geothermal, biofuels and energy conservation are opening a whole new sector of our economy."

Gov. Jay Nixon, Inaugural Address, Jan. 12, 2009
"We'll turn this economy around by making Missouri a magnet for next-generation jobs. We'll invest in new technology. We'll inspire cutting-edge innovation. And we'll embrace science, not fear it.

"And not only will we lead with our ideas, we'll also lead with our greatest asset - our people. We must prepare our world-class workers with 21st-Century skills and connect them with the jobs of tomorrow that we will create."

Gov. Jim Gibbons, State of the State Address, Jan. 15, 2009
"(M)y 2009 energy bill is designed to push us to the leading edge of this growth industry. It includes provisions to further streamline the permitting process, particularly for small projects. ...

"... (A)s part of my energy bill, I propose to increase our renewable portfolio standards requirements and to extend our renewable energy tax credits by five more years.

"I also propose that we implement other much-needed incentives to bring renewable energy development to Nevada, including economic incentives such as tax abatements for renewable energy manufacturers, renewable energy research and development, and for companies that actually build the much-needed transmission lines."

New Mexico
Gov. Bill Richardson, State of the State Address, Jan. 20, 2009
"The first point in my economic security plan is to continue to compete, attract and create high paying, green collar jobs. I propose that we establish a research applications center to move new technologies, developed with federal funds at our national labs and universities, into the commercial sector.

"We should also increase our popular Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit to help wind, and biomass projects boost their operations.

"We should make larger solar and geothermal energy providers eligible for the Advanced Energy Tax Credit. And we should give a hand to our state's primary job-creator, by extending our tax credit for small businesses.

"Second, we must build a clean energy workforce. ...  That's why this week I will issue an executive order directing key state agencies-from education to workforce development, and from economic development to energy-to form a 'Green Jobs Cabinet.' This cabinet will build an aggressive clean energy strategy, so our state educates, trains, and prepares a clean energy workforce.

"...And in order to improve student achievement in mathematics, I'm proposing that we increase the math requirement for new elementary and middle school teachers. ...

"...The third part of my Economic Security plan is to expand our role as an innovation state. ...

"...I propose we lead the nation in the construction of a Green Grid to harness the power of solar and wind, and use smart electronics to deliver energy to consumers cheaper and more efficiently."

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