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Tech Talkin' Govs, Part VI

February 25, 2009

The sixth installment of the Tech Talkin' Govs series includes highlights from state of the state addresses from governors in Tennessee and West Virginia.


Gov. Phil Bredesen, State of the State Address, Feb. 9, 2009

"While we are interested in a broad range of business, there is one area where we have a great toehold and prospects, and that is the area of clean energy technology. .

". We are extraordinarily well-positioned here and in the next couple of years, I want to wrap this up even tighter. Here's an idea about how we might go about that: develop a Solar Institute in Tennessee that is the basic research leader in making solar power practical.

". I ask each of you: the General Assembly, the private sector, our university system, and Oak Ridge to work with me in the months ahead to invent a way to become a national leader in basic solar research - to invent a solar institute. If we can, it will pay huge dividends to our state and our citizens for decades to come."

West Virginia

Gov. Joe Manchin, State of the State Address, Feb. 11, 2009

"Tonight, I am introducing a bill, called the Alternative and Renewable Energy Portfolio Act, which will put West Virginia at the forefront of new energy development. It sets a realistic timeframe for us to develop alternative and renewable energy resources. .

". Our bill will provide incentives to locate new alternative energy facilities in West Virginia, which will encourage the development of renewable energy resources and create jobs in the Mountain State. .

". With the growth of wind technology, by recycling waste heat from our industrial facilities, by cultivating biofuels like switchgrass, by harnessing the power of our rivers and the sun, and by expanding our clean coal efforts, we can meet our energy needs, create new jobs and improve our environment at the same time. .

". It will encourage private investment in renewable energy sources, including solar, wind, biomass, hydropower, waste heat recovery and even landfill gas. It is another step toward expanding our state's energy portfolio. .

". One new technology that has promise is carbon capturing. . This week I will present a bill that will allow for permits for carbon sequestration projects. It will establish regulations for monitoring carbon sequestration sites and clarify ownership of the space in which the carbon is stored. Carbon sequestration is not the only solution to controlling power plant emissions, but we should explore its potential."

Tennessee, West Virginia