VA Gov Announces $20M in Workforce Funding Including Pay-For-Performance Workforce Initiative

March 17, 2016

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced the creation of a pay-for-performance workforce training program that will help Virginia workers acquire the industry certifications and occupational licenses that meet the needs of key businesses in each region of the state. The New Economy Workforce Credential Grant Fund and Program is part of a $20 million commitment to support workforce efforts across the state over the next two years including $12.5 million for credential incentives, $6 million for equipment needed by career and technical training programs, and $1.5 million for a veterans’ portal to strengthen outreach to this key population.

The New Economy Workforce Credential Grant Fund and Program will take a two-step approach to helping state residents pay for the cost of attendance while working toward a certification or license. According to the governor’s office press release, the New Economy Workforce Credential Grant Fund will provide grants covering two-thirds of the tuition for students who are enrolled in a workforce training program designed to fill in-demand jobs in their home region. The incentives program provide one-third of the costs when students complete the program and makes the final payment when the student receives a certificate or license. Students will be responsible for any remaining cost of attendance. Students at any of the state’s community colleges, regional higher education centers are eligible for the program. More information is available at: