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White House, Partners Announce $4B Commitment to Spur Clean Energy Impact Investments

June 25, 2015

During a Clean Energy Investment Summit, the White House announced a $4 billion commitment by major foundations, institutional investors, and others to fund innovative solutions to help fight climate change, including technologies with breakthrough potential to reduce carbon pollution. The commitment of $4 billion doubled the initial $2 billion goal set at the launch of the administration’s Clean Energy Investment Initiative last February.

In addition to the $4 billion investment, the president announced an executive action that would launch a Clean Energy Impact Investment Center at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to act as single point of access for information about energy and climate programs at DOE and other government agencies to spur investments by mission-driven investors in federally supported clean technologies. The Clean Energy Impact Investment Center also will provide information to potential entrepreneurs, clean tech companies, investors, and the general public about federal clean energy programs including funding sources, technical assistance, new research and analysis, and other federal programs. The White House also announced that it will attempt to facilitate investments by charitable foundations in clean energy technologies through new Treasury Department guidance on impact investing. Read the announcement…

cleantech, capital, impact investing