SSTI’s educational resources are strategically designed to help practitioners across the country and around the world significantly enhance the effectiveness and impact of programs and initiatives by providing a centralized place to gather knowledge, share lessons learned and provide a national forum to highlight successful approaches.

Annual Conference
Over the last 20 years, SSTI’s annual conference has grown to become the nation’s largest gathering of the tech-based economic development community. SSTI’s annual conference focuses on creating a climate where economic growth occurs organically through science, technology and innovation. It is our hope that each conference inspires more collaboration, creativity and success across the nation. Click Here for more information about SSTI’s 2020 Annual Conference being held in Little Rock, Arkansas, Oct. 5-7.

SSTI Webinars are a great way to keep up on the major issues and initiatives impacting technology-based economic development. SSTI offers both live and recorded webinars that provide a convenient and cost-effective platform to learn about new approaches and tools to help you in your work. This informative and educational webinar series is hosted by SSTI staff, thought leaders and colleagues from around the country with relevant experience and knowledge.

Each year, SSTI recognizes initiatives that greatly impact state and regional economies through a national competition showcasing effective and innovative approaches to building tech-based economies. The Excellence in TBED Awards are presented to organizations demonstrating successful local, state and regional efforts across six categories.

Podcast provide free instant access to best practices from leading TBED practitioners. Through the 30+ no cost exclusive interviews with Excellence in TBED Award recipients, you can find out first-hand how these award winning initiatives successfully responded to a critical need by applying innovative approaches to generate substantial economic gains for their region.

SSTI frequently produces, reads and analyzes a large number of reports and papers covering a vast range of technology-based economic development topics and trends. The publications listed here are chosen to help spark ideas, energy and new knowledge for you to consider as you work to move your science, technology and innovation efforts forward. There is also a members-only Documents Database. Not a member? Join today!