Commercialization Needs of Small Business Innovation Research Firms

January 01, 2001

A survey was conducted to assess business, technical, and financial needs of SBIR Phase II firms and services used by the firms to meet their needs. The survey findings were intended to lay
the foundation to help SBIR firms: (a) identify and understand their commercialization needs,
(b) locate service providers, and (c) expediently access services.

Who is Selling the Ivory Tower? Sources of Growth in University Licensing

January 01, 2000

The authors develop an intermediate input model to examine the extent to which the growth in licensing is due to the productivity observable inputs or driven by a change in the propensity of faculty and administrators to engage in commercializing university research.

Proofs and Prototypes for Sale: The Tale of University Licensing

January 01, 1998

For most university inventions, according to the authors, there is a moral hazard problem with regard to inventor effort. Their theoretical analysis shows that for such inventions, development would not occur unless the inventors income is tied to the licensees output by payments such as royalties or equity.

Commercialization of Russian Technology in Cooperation with American Companies

January 01, 1998

The study is one of a series dealing with various aspects of microeconomic reform which have been prepared by the Stanford Project on Industrial Restructuring and the Political Economy in Russia. Research for the paper is based primarily on the study of several cases of cooperative attempts by U.S. companies and Russian enterprises to commercialize Russian technology.


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