Entrepreneurial Attitudes and Knowledge of Black Youth

January 01, 1998

The study from the Kauffman Foundation investigates the attitudes towards education in, and knowledge of, entrepreneurship of black youth using results from a national survey that was administered to a random sample of youth, ages 14 to 19. Results indicate that black youth strongly desire to start businesses, want moreentrepreneurship taught in their schools, and believe successful entrepreneurs have a responsibility to give back to the community.

Entrepreneurship Into the Next Century: Where Will Venture Capitalists Find Their Next Pearl?

January 01, 1997

The paper from The Journal of Private Equity shows how evidence abounds that entrepreneurship will be an even more powerful force in the future.

Leading Practices of Fast Growth Entrepreneurs

January 01, 1997

The report is designed for entrepreneurial practitioners and attempts to provide a more complete picture of fast growth issues and relationships than financial metrics alone provide. Researchers identified 26 leading practices of fast growth firms grouped into four sections:
Marketing, Finance, Management and Planning.

Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

January 01, 1996

The paper explains that healthy communities require self-sufficient people, and self-sufficiency requires economic as well as social well-being. According to the author, merging the economic and social dimensions of philanthropy is the special challenge facing foundations.

Entrepreneurship Education: Opportunity in Search of Curriculum

January 01, 1995

The report from the Kauffman Foundation examines the demand for entrepreneurship education and provides a rationale for inclusion of entrepreneurship education in the nations schools. According to the report, 7 out of 10 high school students want to start their own businesses.


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