FAST Update

Release of the first solicitation of proposals for the new $3.5 million Federal and State Technology Partnership (FAST) has been delayed until the end of March, according to attendees of the National Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Conference held in Tulsa this past week. SSTI's March 1 presentation regarding FAST (a 16-slide Powerpoint file) is available by email request to

Congress Passes FAST; SBIR Reauthorization

The most common component of state tech-based economic development efforts -- technical and financial assistance to small, technology firms competing for federal research funding -- got a much needed boost last Friday with Congressional approval of legislation creating the Federal and State Technology Partnership (FAST). Equally important for proponents of better state outreach for the Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) was a $3.5 million initial appropriation for FAST.

Senate SBIR Language Offers $10 Million to States

SSTI has learned the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) reauthorization language the Senate Small Business Committee (SBC) will be marking up on Tuesday, March 21 is substantially different than HR 2392, passed by the House last fall. While HR 2392 basically makes housekeeping revisions to the $1.1 billion SBIR program, the SBC version includes several components addressing issues a majority of states identified as problems for their own SBIR outreach and assistance efforts. SSTI understands the proposed Senate language has support from key Committee members from both political parties.


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