Federal agencies launch initiatives to promote women’s health research

Earlier this week, the White House announced a series of actions being undertaken by federal agencies to focus on women’s health.  Both NIH and ARPA-H announced new funding opportunities centered around women’s health, while the White House and other agencies took action without indicating any funding associated with that funding.

$2.5 Billion ARPANET-H is launched with new hub announcements

The closely watched regional competition to identify the final two hubs of the ARPANET-H, a $2.5 Billion health innovation initiative of the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health, has come to a close with the selection of two firms to operate the Customer Experience and Investor Catalyst elements of the national network.

Harnessing the energy of three states

Health is one of the most pressing issues in the U.S. Now, thanks to National Science Foundation's Type I NSF Engine development awards, teams throughout the U.S. will be focusing on technology-based solutions to this issue. This week we highlight three SSTI members whose NSF Engine Awards concentrate on health. These include Emory University’s project to advance health equity and diagnostic technologies (SSTI member Georgia Tech is also on this team), The Arkansas Center for Health Improvement’s (a health policy center administratively housed within SSTI member The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences) project to promote fair health and economic outcomes in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, and Washington University-St. Louis’ project to advance neuroscience technologies to improve cognitive wellness.

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