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State Fiscal Outlook for FY 2002

January 01, 2001

State Fiscal Outlook for FY 2002 offers a look at the fiscal condition of all 50 states, based on information collected from legislative fiscal directors in mid to late October. The comprehensive survey conducted by the National Conference of State Legislatures covers the revenue and expenditure situation through the beginning of FY 2002, state plans to address budget shortfalls and the budget forecast for the remaining fiscal year.

Report to the Louisiana Board of Regents: Review of Proposed New Endowment Chairs for Eminent Scholars: Board of Regents Support Fund Fiscal Year 1998-1999

January 01, 1999

This report discusses the review process of ranking and rating the proposed endowed chairs for eminent scholars, as well as a brief statement of evaluation for each of the thirty-one proposed chairs.


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