Webinar: Build innovation and entrepreneurship into CEDS


New technologies and entrepreneurs are important to a thriving regional economy – and strong infrastructure, housing, and economic resiliency are important to attracting investments in innovation. Despite mutual needs and benefits, many regions do not exhibit deep collaboration between Economic Development Districts and organizations supporting tech-based economic development (TBED) strategies. This joint webinar from SSTI and NADO Research Foundation begins to explore one area of mutual interest: EDA’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). This plan is required both to establish an Economic Development District and to apply for most funding from EDA. David Ives, Deputy Director, Performance, Research & National Technical Assistance Division at EDA discussed the CEDS purpose, and then Padmini Roy-Dixon, Economic Development Director & Regional Innovation Officer with one of the country's most recently-approved districts, Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, discussed their recent CEDS plan and implementation with one of their TBED partners, Alicia Oddi,  Managing Director, Entrepreneur Programs at Rev1 Ventures.


Download the presentation here.