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DOE announces $540 million for research in clean energy tech and low-carbon manufacturing

September 15, 2022
By: Jonathan Dillon

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced $540 million in awards for research into clean energy technologies and low-carbon manufacturing at 54 universities and 11 national laboratories. More than $400 million will go to the latest round of Energy Frontier Research Centers, which includes 43 new and continuing centers. Managed by the Office of Science’s Basic Energy Science program, the four-year awards will support research at over 100 institutions and addresses a broad spectrum of scientific challenges. The projects will study everything from energy storage to quantum information science. Since the program launched in 2009, it has funded 88 centers.


Additionally, 53 projects led by researchers at 33 universities and 11 national laboratories will receive a combined $140 million through the chemical and materials sciences to advance clean energy technologies and low-carbon manufacturing funding opportunity. The funding will go toward research for more efficient energy production technologies such as direct air capture and carbon storage and sequestration.

SSTI is pleased to recognize several members among the 43 EFRCs, including:


Argonne National Laboratory

Georgia Tech 

Idaho National Laboratory

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Northwestern University

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Ohio State University

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

University of Illinois

University of Michigan

University of South Carolina

University of Texas at Austin

University of Utah

University of Washington


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