Effective Model for Commercialization Spreads to WY

October 10, 2013

A network of more than 1,500 expert advisors is among the distinctive features that makes the Innovation Center of the Rockies' (ICR) low-cost, effective model for commercializing research appealing to universities across the country. This week, ICR announced they have entered into an agreement with the University of Wyoming to bring more faculty inventions to market based on their successful model. ICR works closely with tech transfer offices in Colorado, and now in Wyoming, to understand and develop viable pathways for university-based inventions. The volunteer advisors are matched with university research projects to help identify and solve customer problems. Read the news release.

ICR garnered national recognition earlier this year as a 2013 SSTI Excellence in TBED award winner. Learn more at: http://www.sstiawards.org/2013.html.

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