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House FY 2023 budget would increase innovation investments

June 30, 2022

With the end of the current fiscal year just three months away, the House Committee on Appropriations is set to finish marking up all of its FY 2023 funding bills by the end of this week. Similar to last year. the committee’s actions come before Congress has agreed to an overall spending level. Due to the potential for substantial changes when the final FY 2023 budget is passed, this article only covers specific funding levels that are a high priority for the tech-based economic development (TBED) field.

  • Economic Development Administration (EDA)
    • Build to Scale: $50 million (+$5 million from FY 2022)
    • STEM Apprenticeship Program: $4.5 million (+$2.5 million)
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
    • Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP): $221 million (+$54 million)
    • Manufacturing USA Institutes: $18 million (+$1.5 million)
  • Small Business Administration (SBA)
    • Federal and State Technology Partnership (FAST): $8 million (+$2 million)
    • Growth Accelerators Fund Competition: $5 million (+$2 million)
    • Regional Innovation Clusters: $10 million (+$2 million)
  • Department of Energy
    • ARPA-E: $550 million (+$100 million)
    • Office of Technology Transitions: $23 million (+$3.6 million)
  • Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA)
    • Minority Serving Institutions (MSI) Entrepreneurship Pilot: $1.5 million
  • National Institutes of Health
    • Overall funding: $47.5 billion (+$2.5 billion)
    • ARPA-H: $2.75 billion (+$1.75 billion)
  • National Science Foundation
    • Overall funding: $9.6 billion (+$800 million)
    • Regional Innovation Engines: “no less than” $170 million

SSTI’s Innovation Advocacy Council encouraged Congress to increase funding for EDA’s Build to Scale and SBA’s FAST and Regional Innovation Clusters programs. Collectively, the House has proposed a total increase of $9 million for these programs in FY 2023.

To learn more about TBED in the FY 2023 budget or about SSTI’s Innovation Advocacy Council, contact SSTI’s Jason Rittenberg (rittenberg@ssti.org).

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