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Innovation Equity District launching in Austin, TX

March 11, 2021

To bolster its already thriving technology sector, the city of Austin, Texas, has partnered with Opportunity Hub (OHUB) and others from industry and academia to bring a new Equity District to the city. Similar to the innovation district model, this new Equity District will be “anchored in equitable place-making and mobility for the fourth industrial revolution” by providing coworking space, entrepreneurship support programs, a platform for fostering networking and mentorship, re-skilling training and certificates, and an investment structure to increase early-stage investment in Black founders.

The Equity District plans to deliver on its commitment of increasing economic opportunity for Black, Indigenous, and people of color not just by providing entrepreneurship training and support, but also by connecting participants to jobs. While OHUB’s historical placement rate is already 90 percent, the Austin Equity District will also ensure that each founding partner hires at least 10 people for full-time positions from the program’s talent placement arm.

Click here for the official announcement.

innovation, equity, inclusion