Intrastate Crowdfunding Moves Forward in Five States

April 22, 2015

Even after equity crowdfunding reached a milestone earlier this month with new Securities Exchange Commission proposed rule changes, state legislatures across the country continue to pass intrastate crowdfunding bills. In April, governors from Arizona (HB 2591) and Colorado (HB 1246) signed bills that will allow startups and other businesses in their respective states to raise capital via equity crowdfunding exemptions. Arizona and Colorado joined Massachusetts (Read more in the SSTI Digest) as states that have passed exemptions since the start of the year. The next state most likely to pass crowdfunding legislation is Minnesota – once they are able to finalize compromise between lawmakers and state regulators. In March, new legislation (HB 3429) was officially filed by Illinois State Rep. Carol Senate. The North Carolina state legislature once again is attempting to pass intrastate crowdfunding legislation. 

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