OCAST to Create Commercialization Center

September 05, 1997

The Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST) is creating the Oklahoma Technology Commercialization Center. The Center will help technology-based firms assess their commercialization needs, guide them through the commercialization process, and link them to a network of technology sources and commercialization assistance services.

The Center will provide access to specialized business development services, early-stage risk financing, and help in transferring technology.

"OCAST's goal for the project is to increase per capita income in Oklahoma by achieving a critical mass of technology-oriented companies and entrepreneurs within the state, thereby attracting other similar firms," said Sheri Stickley, OCAST's director of Technology Development Programs.

Stickley said the Center will accomplish this by:

  • Accelerating the commercialization process
  • Creating an environment that supports technology-based businesses
  • Creating partnerships between firms and Oklahoma's universities
  • Providing access to early-stage capital
  • Providing expert assistance in technology, business, organizational management, and marketing
  • Providing access to expert assistance with legal and intellectual property matters.

Initial state funding for the new center is approximately $900,000.

A request for proposals (RFP) for a contractor to provide oversight for the new center will be released within the next few weeks, and proposals will be accepted for approximately 90 days following the release. The RFP will be distributed nationally. Those interested in receiving a copy should contact OCAST at 405/524-1357. The RFP will also be available on the OCAST home page: www.odoc.state.ok.us/ocastweb.htm.