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Pittsburgh Launches Inclusive Innovation Roadmap to Support Equitable Access to Technology, City Resources, Information

September 10, 2015

Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto announced the launch of the Pittsburgh Roadmap for Inclusive Innovation, a strategic plan that is intended to support economic growth and the equitable access to technology, city resources, and information. The roadmap includes three primary goals that include:

  • Bridge the digital divide and facilitate residents’ participation in the new economy;
  • Improve the city’s capacity to serve the public in the digital age; and,
  • Increase Pittsburgh’s resilience in the digital age by strengthening the clean tech and local business sectors.

Under the proposed strategic plan, the city of Pittsburgh and its partner organizations intend to undertake over 100 Initiatives and projects including:

  • Increase public wireless Internet accessibility in communities through public locations;
  • Connect underserved communities with Maker and STEAM programming through existing AmeriCorps program funding;
  • Improve the city’s procurement process through a web-based application to streamline the purchasing process, improving procurement efficiency, transparency, and effectiveness;
  • Support the incubation of Clean Tech through a public and private partnership that empowers local clean tech entrepreneurs with a place to test new clean energy and technology solutions;
  • Continue the development of the Uptown Eco-Innovation District;
  • Create a framework or working group focused on adapting and testing local business products and services within City government;
  • Develop a formal plan for vetting, purchasing and utilizing new and existing technologies with end-user focus;
  • Deepen the city’s engagement with local universities to tie academic research to help develop innovative city policies;
  • Coordinate economic development activity between the city, Allegheny County, universities and local economic development organizations, through programs such as PowerUp Pittsburgh;
  • Launch a leadership mentor matching program for immigrant entrepreneurs; and,
  • Create an impact investment tool such as a fund of funds to focus on inclusive innovation.

Since its inception in 2014, the mayor’s Department of Innovation & Performance has been developing this plan through community engagement, research and analysis of the city as well as best practices from around the country and the world.  Several of the initiatives highlighted in the report have already been launched or piloted with the intent of expanding over the coming years. To achieve the three primary goals, the mayor’s Department of Innovation & Performance and the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh will partner with 23 founding organizations to achieve the goals of the roadmap. Partners include for-profit companies, nonprofit organizations, institutions of higher education, and other government entities. Read the reports…

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