SSTI Job Corner

August 07, 2006

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Griffin Analytical Technologies, a producer of premium chemical detection systems, is seeking a research associate to assist the company with R&D efforts related to Griffins products. Griffin serves U.S. Departments of Defense and Homeland Security applications, environmental health and safety monitoring, and research and teaching laboratories. The research associate will be responsible for exploring new applications for Griffins technology and will report directly to the company's staff of senior research scientists. Applicants should have a bachelor's or master's degree in chemistry and two or more years of applicable experience in instrumentation maintenance and operation.

The Juneau Economic Development Council (JEDC) is seeking a technology engineer to assist Alaskan businesses trying to meet Department of Defense (DoD) mission-critical needs. The technology engineer will facilitate discussions and negotiations between DoD laboratories, Alaskan companies and other organizations in support of developing a range of agreements or contracts, including cooperative research and development agreements, product/technology licensing, contracts and Small Business Innovation Research Program grants. Candidates must have a degree in science, engineering or related field of study, plus directly related experience.