U.S. Business R&D Spending Reached Nearly $30B in 2011, NSF InfoBrief

July 31, 2014

In 2011, U.S.-located companies spent $29.6 billion for extramural (purchased and collaborative) research and development performed by mostly domestic organizations, according to a National Science Foundation (NSF) InfoBrief. Approximately $24 billion in R&D spending was purchased R&D. The additional $5.6 billion was payments to R&D collaborators. Extramural R&D exceeds 10 percent of all R&D expenditures by businesses in 2011, up from an estimated 4 percent in 19991. NSF researchers credit the growth in relative size of domestic extramural R&D by industry to differing rates of growth in total R&D spending among industries and of changes in the importance of external partners within industries. The findings were taken from NSF’s Business R&D and Innovation Survey. Read the brief…

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