Useful Stats: NIH Awards (grants and contracts) by State

January 23, 2006

SSTI has compiled a table of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) awards in total dollars and state rankings from fiscal years 2000-2004. The states are ranked by percent change over the five-year period. The greatest gains were posted in North Dakota (202.51 percent), Alaska (200.98 percent), Idaho (157.48 percent), Montana (144.72 percent), Virginia (120.85 percent), and Hawaii (107.06 percent). Although award dollar totals in these states more than doubled over the five-year period, they showed some of the lowest increases from FY 2003. Idaho experienced the lowest dollar increase from FY03, $57,634.

The top five largest dollar amounts in FY 2004 were awarded to California, Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, respectively. Overall, total NIH awards grew considerably over the last five years with a national increase of 53.18 percent. Whereas most states exhibited an increase of total dollars, 12 states sustained a decrease from FY03 ­- of which, Texas incurred the largest decrease of $67,024,534.

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