CA Cluster Support Expands with Four New Innovation Hubs

The California Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development is preparing to launch four new Innovation Hubs (iHubs) across the state. iHubs, strategically placed within existing clusters, serve as centers of collaboration for regional economic development agencies, venture capitalists, incubators, and higher education to develop joint programming for entrepreneurship (see the September 4 issue).

St. Louis Launches $100M Initiative to Strengthen Innovation Ecosystem

Business, civic, and political leaders in St. Louis are coming together to raise $100 million in private funds over the next five years to support the Regional Entrepreneurial Initiative, a new effort aimed at helping emerging regional businesses grow and thrive. The project was launched with funding from the federal government and will draw on several ongoing fundraising initiatives in the community.

NY Leaders Award $200M for Regional Job Creation Strategies

On Thursday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's administration announced the winners of a six-month competition to secure funding for regional job creation projects. Over the summer, ten regional economic councils were created by executive order to develop plans that would improve local economies using grants, tax breaks and other state resources. The councils then pitched their plan to state government leaders (presentations and applications are available online).

Report Calls for a Collaborative Infrastructure of Technology Transfer in SE Wisconsin

In Technology Transfer in Southeast Wisconsin, a new report from the Public Policy Forum, researchers call for a "full-fledged collaborative infrastructure" that is adept at transferring technologies developed at the region's research institutions to entrepreneurs that will use them to create businesses and jobs in the region.

Three Groups Invest $30M to Launch St. Louis Bioscience Organization

Building on a decade of work by the Coalition for Plant and Life Sciences, BioSTL launched last month to provide funding and support for emerging bioscience companies. The group also will dedicate resources such as training and recruiting entrepreneurs and increasing venture capital investment to collectively benefit partner organizations working to increase bioscience activity in the region. Washington University in St. Louis, BJC HealthCare, and the St. Louis Life Sciences Project each committed $2 million per year for five years, totaling $30 million to launch the effort.

New England Clean Energy Foundation Announced New Clean Tech Initiative

The New England Clean Energy Foundation (NECEF), in partnership with the Connecticut Clean Energy Finance & Investment Authority, announced a new initiative to spur innovation and research in clean technology across New England.

State and Local Economic Development Centering on Regional Approaches

Much of the recent economic recovery plans coming from governors across the country have focused on growing and nurturing existing businesses through a regional approach to economic development. The idea is that by identifying and defining the unique needs of a region, policymakers and practitioners can then provide the necessary tools and resources to grow industries likely to succeed within a given region, thus improving the overall economic landscape of the state. This approach is happening both in states and at the local level.

Lawmakers Embrace Regional Approach to Economic Development in NY

A budget agreement reached last week between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders adopts the economic development reforms set forth by the governor to establish a regional strategy for job creation. The approved budget allocates about $200 million in existing capital funds and tax credits to support 10 regional economic development councils and merges the New York State Foundation for Science, Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR), the state's tech-based economic development initiative, into the Department of Economic Development.


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