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Small Business State Profiles

January 01, 2003

Building on information gathered from the Small Business Economic Indicators report, these profiles provided an overview of the important role small businesses play in each state. They include baseline statistics on each states small business economy-number of firms, small business income, industrial composition, job growth and data on minority- and women-owned businesses.

Redefining Business Success: Distinguishing Between Closure and Failure

January 01, 2003

This paper uses government data sources to analyze business survival and the success status of closed businesses.

What Makes Small Firms Grow? Finance, Human Capital, Technical Assistance and the Business Environment in Romania

January 01, 2003

Although the development of a new private sector is generally considered crucial to economic transition, there has been relatively little empirical research on the determinants of startup firm growth. This paper uses panel data techniques to analyze a survey of 297 new small enterprises in Romania containing detailed information from the startup date through 2001.

Small Business: Big Challenge — A Survey of Small Firms in Upstate New York

January 01, 2002

The Buffalo Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York report indicates small businesses bearing a critical role to the regional economies of upstate New York must overcome several barriers to growth if they are to enjoy future success. The report identifies the chief barriers to growth of more than 4,000 small businesses in western and central New York State. Strategies for Small Business Success

January 01, 2002

The study found that the smallest firms benefited the most from being online: 35 percent gained 10 to 99 percent of their current sales directly or indirectly from their websites.

Small Business Share of NAICS Industries

January 01, 2002

This study estimates the small business shares of industries using the new North American Industrial Classification System. Changes from the Standard Industrial Classification system to the new system affected the overall shares from sector to sector, according to the report.

Number of Businesses in Arizona

January 01, 2002

The study released by the Arizona Department of Commerce and the Arizona State Universitys Center for the Advancement of Small Business indicates that 98 percent of Arizonas businesses qualify as small businesses with fewer than 100 employees.

Current Structure Presents Challenges for Service

January 01, 2001

The report by the U.S. General Accounting Office addresses the issues posed by the Small Business Administrations current organizational alignment. Such issues, including ineffective lines of communication and confusion over the mission of district offices, are said "to impede the efforts of SBA staff to effectively deliver services." The GAO report does not make recommendations to SBA; however, the report calls the restructuring efforts of other federal agencies "a framework and a set of steps and considerations that may prove useful to SBA."

Small Business Share of Economic Growth

January 01, 2001

This study measured the impact of small businesses on the overall economy. Findings indicate that the share of private, nonfarm GDP produced by small businesses has remained about 50 percent over the past two decades.

Developing High-Technology Communities: San Diego

January 01, 2000

The report by Innovation Associates for the Small Business Administrations Office of Advocacy tells the San Diego story with supporting statistics of how the region turned things around through technology-based economic development. The report uses San Diego as a case study to explain to other communities, universities, and the private sector how to develop a high-technology economy.


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