Delta Regional Authority Releases Economic Development Strategy for 252 Counties Across Eight States

June 02, 2016

The Delta Regional Authority  (DRA) released the Regional Development Plan III (RDPIII) – an economic development strategy to help guide DRA’s 252-county region’s economic growth over the next five years. In RDPIII, DRA identifies three goals and related action items to guide its economic development efforts in the Delta region:

  • Improved Workforce Competitiveness – Advance the productivity and economic competitiveness of the Delta workforce;
  • Strengthened Infrastructure – Strengthen the Delta region’s physical, digital, and capital connections to the global economy; and,
  • Increased Community Capacity – Facilitate local capacity building within Delta communities, organizations, businesses, and individuals.

In addition to the overall strategy, DRA also published eight state strategies for Alabama; Arkansas; Illinois; Kentucky; Louisiana; Mississippi; Missouri; and, Tennessee. Each state strategic plan includes state specific action items for DRA and a SWOT analysis as well as a profile of existing economic development efforts and key state demographics. 

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