Innovation Performance Index Produces Mixed Results for North Carolina

December 12, 2013

North Carolina is rich in resources to support a thriving innovation ecosystem. But despite its strengths, several factors are preventing the state from reaching its full potential to fuel and sustain strong economic growth. These and other findings are outlined in a recent report tracking the state's performance in 38 measures related to innovation assets, activities and trends. The fourth in a series of indexes produced over the past 13 years, the report benchmarks North Carolina with six key comparison states, the U.S. overall and leading countries. Findings indicate the state excels at academic R&D, but lags in business-led R&D. Additionally, the state's high-tech sectors have wages well above the U.S. average, but a large share of the state's industries and employment not high-tech in nature. Recommended actions to improve the state's standing are detailed in the report, Tracking Innovation: North Carolina Innovation Index.

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